VIP Shoppers

Attention Seniors & Other Individuals at Higher Risk of COVID-19.

Our Youth and Young Adults have Volunteered to go Grocery Shopping for you!

Many of the markets have stopped delivering at this time. Please complete this form and Fr Gary will forward it to a personal shopper who will try to get all the items on the list.

You may be contacted by the shopper to verify if an alternative product will do.

Please let us know your name.
Please let us know your last name.
Please let us know your email address.
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Please clearly list what you need and quantity (Pounds, Packs, Bags...)

Please also let us know if we can substitute anything for you.

1 Pack of 24 bottles of Arrowhead 16 oz bottled water. If they don't have that size a gallon will be fine.
2 lbs of Chicken Thighs (Bonless, Skinless) If they are out, I will take breasts.
1 Dozen Cage Free Eggs, Size Extra Large but will accept anything they have

We understand some have special dietary restrictions so please list everything you need without skipping over non Lenten essentials.
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Please let us know your street address.
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Let us know if you have a gate code, or if you prefer the bags to be left on the porch with no contact other than a knock at the door.

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Please only press the Submit button ONCE, it takes a minute to send. You will see a Thank you message and receive an email confirmation when it is safe to browse other pages. Please stay on this page until you see the Thank you message.

Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

Happy New Year

The holiday season is a time of new beginnings. Each Advent we prepare our hearts for the arrival of the Christ Child and joyfully celebrate his birth at the Feast of the Nativity. Like the angels and the wise men we recognize the symbolic light of a new star appearing in our universe and shining on in our hearts. As Christians, we hope the glow of that new light illuminates the entire New Year, brining the peace of God into our lives.

As 2021 dawns and we take stock of the mess that has passed us by, that is 2020, it is customary to set goals for ourselves. Maybe this will be the year we lose weight, become more punctual, read more (scripture), or watch less television. Some of our goals are small and practical; while others seek to...

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