newspapperPresident’s Message: Chris Mallakis

As your new president, I would like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous year. I would also like to ask for your support of Fr. Gary and the parish leadership so we can go forward and accomplish our goals with love and God’s Blessings.  Read more..

We had a good first meeting and elected our officers, including Vice President Deb Greanias, Treasurer Nick Mirras, and Secretary John Gon- zalez. I am thankful for such a good parish council. We pledged to work in unison, while

supporting each other and our priest.

Thanks to Philoptochos and Alex and Anna Alexiades for providing Vasilopita for the ser- vice and celebration on Sunday, January 15th. And congratulations to AHEPA for finding the coin in the Vasilopita!

I will do my best to serve you and hear all your comments and suggestions during my term.

Yours in Christ,

Chris Mallakis  Read more..

The Road to Building Our New Church A Progress Report To Our St. Demetrios Family January 20, 2012

Why Must We Build a New Church?

Our home on Skyway Drive has served us well, but as early as 2001 is was clear that we would soon outgrow these facilities. The building, which dates from the early 1950s, is aging and is rapidly deteriorating and is constantly in need of repair. Extensive and costly renovations will be required to sufficiently extend its life. Also, the future loss of 20 feet off the east side of the property to the Recreation and Parks District will further reduce usable space and leave us with no place to park the refrigerator truck and the storage unit.


Agape Building Campaign

The 2nd Phase of our Fundraising Campaign

Our Objective:  Raise sufficient funds in the next three years to complete the ground-breaking ceremony(June 2012), site grading(July 2012), and build the Agape Center, the Arbor and the Parking Lot, with a scheduled occupancy date of October 26, 2013.