COVID Forces Closure Update as of July 14

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We hope and pray that you are well.

As a direct result of Governor Newsome’s policy issued just this week, V. Rev. Fr. John Constantine, the Chancellor of our Metropolis has informed us that once again churches in California are to close effective immediately and return to the procedures followed at the beginning of the stay-at-home orders in the early days of the pandemic.

We are, once again, prohibited from gathering inside the Church. Please stay home and safe on Sunday July 19, and join in prayer, by visiting our online broadcast.

Regrettably all reservations through Sign-Up Genius are now suspended. The authorized team members inside the Church will be:

  1. The Priest (Fr. Gary)
  2. Chanter (Christie)
  3. Altar Assistant (Bill)
  4. Narthex usher (Sophia)
  • Each of these individuals are from the same households, which limits exposure rates.

We will evaluate and share information as things progress.

On Behalf of our Re-Opening Committee, and your Parish Council,

In Christ's Service,
Fr. Gary

Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

Touched by Christ

I experienced an amazing awakening during our pilgrimage. Several things touched my heart, and you know me, I will spill these details, little by little, within my Sunday Liturgy sermons. Standing on the grounds where Christ walked and being at the sites where our Savior performed His miracles was most profound.

We entered the city of Nain. Our tour guide, Fr. Leondios (an Archimandrite of Greek descent), stumped me when he asked, “Who knows what happened here in Nain?” because he pronounced it “Nah-een.” When I realized where we were, I was provoked by the notion that this was where Christ raised the son of the widow from the dead. As He led His crowd into the city, He encountered the funeral procession and said to the grieving widow, “Don’t cry.” Two large groups, with two very different functions, collide at the city gates.

There is a lot to learn as we look at this collision. The first is a procession of death. It is the funeral of a young man that is the only son of his widowed mother. The second is comprised of Chris’s disciples and followers. One a procession of life and the other a procession of death.

The procession of death is exasperated by...

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