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Fellow Parishioners,

The ReOpening Committee of St. Demetrios has been working diligently to carefully reopen our doors while implementing the prescribed measures to safely maintain the physical and spiritual well-being of our Parish family.  We are following the regulatory guidelines provided by the State of California, Ventura County, and our Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco.

We ask for your patience, support and understanding as fully reopening the parish will require a “phased-in” approach.  Please allow us to carefully progress through the necessary steps and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please understand, church services will be slightly different as we re-open. Social distancing will always be practiced inside and outside our church and a mask must always be worn while at St. Demetrios.  Our church website has been updated with the necessary guidance to raise everyone’s awareness. Please carefully review these procedures and guidelines prior to attending services as they are in effect to protect one another.

Some of the noticeable administrative and social distancing changes to create a safe environment are noted below:

  1. First and foremost, consider you and your family’s immediate health prior to departing your home for church.
    • Parishioners who are at higher risk to COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to stay home and continue participating in the online live-streaming. Those that are 65 years or older, have underlying medical conditions, been exposed to the virus, experiencing symptoms, or if you have young infants, toddlers, or care for elderly parents are to consider staying home.
  2. Reservations must be made and confirmed before attending.  Anticipate a limited number of parishioners, as seating will be assigned, and staggered within the pews following the 6 feet distancing.  Make your reservation here:
  3. Plan on arriving 30-40 minutes early (9:15am) and waiting in your car until an Usher flags you to proceed.
    • Light screening will take place
  4. Masks to be worn at all times.  Please bring your own (if you can), as supplies are limited.
  5. The elevator, stairs and the entire upstairs area will be closed and cannot be used.
  6. Downstairs restroom use is limited to one person at a time, and must be sanitized after each use.
  7. Candles, collection tray and other donations can be made on our website.  Change for cash donations will not be available.  There will be no exchange of cash.  Please be prepared to deposit that which you would like to offer.
  8. A short video announcement has been made.  Please take a moment to watch it here.  REOPENING VIDEO

Additionally, noticeable liturgical changes are:

  1. Fr. Gary and our chanter will celebrate the service without a mask.  For their safety we remind you of the urgency to wear a mask at all times.
  2. Communion will be administered following the guideline of our Metropolis:
    • The priest will wear a mask while administering Communion.  You will briefly remove your mask, open and keep your mouth open, with your head tilted back so that the Holy Body and Blood can be poured in your mouth.  Please do not close your mouth on the spoon.
    • Should you need to wipe your lips after receiving, disposable napkins will be available.  Please wipe and return the napkin so that it can be reverently disposed.
    • Andidoron will be offered only at the end of Service when exiting the church.
  3. Regrettably, congregation and fellowship, cannot take place inside or outside the church afterwards, we ask instead, you please proceed to your cars.

With the Love of Christ,
The St. Demetrios Re-Opening Committee