Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Demetrios:

As of March 1 2021, we will be dissolving our relationship with Pushpay and moving to PayPal for online donations and purchases. There are two separate PayPal accounts to simplify and make our accounting practices more efficient. One for the General Fund (stewardship, candles, Easter, Epiphany and Memorials) and another for the Building Fund (pledges, donations, Festival, Golf and Memorials). If you currently have recurring payments for either fund via Pushpay, we would like to encourage you to cancel them on Pushpay and move these recurring payments over to PayPal. In future, if you want to make a donation online, please make it through the PayPal buttons on our website.

The following instructions will guide you in stopping your recurring Pushpay donations and also guide you through how to set them up via PayPal. While we are sorry for the inconvenience, PayPal does offer us less expensive fees and is widely used worldwide.

General Fund

Donate with PayPal

Building Fund

Donate with PayPal

Switching from Pushpay to Paypal Instructions, Please click on the image below.