President’s Message: Chris Mallakis


May begins with the great, pious and very moving services of Holy Week. We finish Lent with the glorious Resurrection Service beginning at 11 pm on Holy Saturday and ending very early Sunday morning. We gather again for Agape Vespers at noon and, as always, the traditional Agape Picnic afterward. Many thanks go to Nick Mirras for organizing the picnic. Although Nick and his family recently moved to Texas, he still organized the picnic from afar with the help of a great ground crew including Joanne Mirras-Knauss, Tim Harmantzis and Ari Qutami.

We have Nick, Joanne, Tim and Ari and their families and helpers to thank for making this wonderful tradition possible again this year. Last month the capital campaign had a fund raising event with a well-known magician to benefit the building fund. Thanks to Sandra Arline for taking charge of that event. The Agape Building Fund headed by George Joannou has done well, but we still face a big challenge ahead in building our Agape center. Any donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated. On May 19th we have our Spring General Assembly. I would like to see full participation so everyone is informed about what is going on in the present and future at St. Demetrios read more ...