By looking, loving and understanding the needs of the Church and the value of our parish, 23 St. Demetrios families have already committed to contributing a combined amount of $135,000 in 2013. If we are to meet this program’s objective, the other 127 families in our parish need to give a combined annual amount of $165,000. As you can see in the chart, amounts pledged are spread among a variety of totals. Our common resolve needs to be that we each make an honest assessment of our giving capabilities. One family may find it easy to give $5,000/year, while another family raising their contribution to $2,500/year may be making a greater sacrifice. We each need to prayerfully consider our pledge and our support of the parish.


In that spirit, we are discontinuing the asterisk that we have published in the list of stewards at the back of each Myrrh-Bearer. Families donating $1,200 or more per year have traditionally had an asterisk next to their names. For 2013, we will simply list the names of each steward without any delineation; the amount you donate will be a confidential matter between you, the stewardship committee, and God. The Archdiocese Stewardship Department has assigned, “Chosen and Appointed by God to Go and Bear Fruit” as the 2013 theme for parish stewardship ministry. Beautiful brochures and literature are available at: In the meantime, as we reflect on that theme, let us consider what fruit we are called to bear in order to ensure the success of our own 2013 Stewardship Campaign. At the above mentioned Parish Assembly, someone eloquently said: “We can raise all the money we want, build the best and most beautiful buildings, but if we don’t have the programs to help our people develop in Christ, there is no need for any of it.” I appreciate the witness behind that statement. Time and talent are an integral part of stewardship. Programs are in place and others are being developed; when you consider how you will support the parish financially, reflect equally on how you can give of your time and talents.