Aristotle Qutami

President’s Message: Aristotle Qutami May 2016

Χριστός Ανέστη! Christ is Risen!

I pray the light of Christ's resurrection continues to guide us all in our works here at St. Demetrios and beyond. Thank you to all who attended Services during Holy Week, which culminated in a spectacular Easter celebration. I hope you found the services as fulfilling as I did.

Many parishioners dedicated a great deal of time and effort to prepare for Easter and I'd like to take the opportunity to recognize a few people (and I apologize in advance, if I missed anyone). I'd like to thank:

-Keith Valle and the entire team who completed the amazing Iconostasis in time for Holy Week.
-All who helped decorate the Epitaphio as well as those who coordinated and participated in the procession on Good Friday.
-All the children who attended the Good Friday retreat and the volunteers who made it happen.
-All who served as Lightbearers, Myhrrbearers and Acolytes and those who helped them prepare.
-Those who helped with clean up and set up.
-To those who prepared the Red Eggs and brought in the white rose petals.
-All who donated towards the items on the “Holy Week Needs” list.
-Our beautiful Choir under the direction of Sarah Gyurkovitz, as well as all of our Chanters and Readers.
-Tim Harmantzis and every volunteer who graciously contributed to the Agape Picnic.
-The entire Parish Council and all others who served as Ushers.


Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank Fr. Gary, who did an amazing job during the multitude of services, which he tirelessly lead with passion and love.

We're lucky to have such an amazing Priest, who beyond our Parish has been recognized with special distinction in our Metropolis, Archdiocese, and even our Patriarchate. At the end of May, Fr. Gary will accompany our ecclesiastical Hierarchs on a visit to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Additionally, from early July to early August, he will be serving in the Ionian Village ministry in Greece. It's an honor for Fr. Gary to have been selected to attend these events and a great testament to his contributions to the Church. Please join me in congratulating Fr. Gary and making sure he knows he has the full support of our Parish.

In Christ’s Service,

Ari Qutami