disappointed people throughout my ministry. During the last week I learned from a member of our parish that another member was sick (a lot more sick than I was aware of) and in need of a visit. I learned that this ill parishioner felt abandoned by me, as the leader, and the Church. I blame myself and have visited this loved one and asked for forgiveness. God is great!

One of the most important and satisfying things I do as a priest is minister to parishioners who are house-bound, ill, in the hospital or in need in any way. It is my privilege to be able to visit you, pray with you and bring you communion when you cannot come to church. It is one of the many reasons I especially enjoy being in a parish where I get to know each of you individually.

Your burdens may be physical, spiritual or emotional, but I can’t help you bear them unless I know you are suffering. Please do not hesitate to call me and let me know when you, a member of your family or any parishioner is in need of a pastoral visit.

If you have a routine matter, please call the office at (805) 482-1273. If the matter is urgent and/or personal, please call me on my cell phone: (805) 443-3376. I carry this phone so my family (which includes all of you, my parish family) can reach me in crisis or emergency. Do not

think you are inconveniencing me by calling my cell phone; I am of- ten on the go, and my phone is for your convenience when you need me.

You are also welcome to text my cell phone or email me at any time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No inconvenience is worse than knowing one of you was in need or in pain and I was not available to help you.

I love you all very much! Fr. Gary