The Steward Ship, Get on the Boat!

Message from Fr Gary February 2016

The Steward Ship, Get on the Boat!

The Steward Ship is the newest and latest craze! It is a way to encounter fascinating and exciting adventure! The Steward Ship will change your life. Let the Steward Ship transform your outlook. . . take a little trip . . . and . . . GET ON THE BOAT!

The Steward Ship offers youth, energy, and renewal! It offers direction for the lost, hope for the hopeless, and does not cost you anything more than what it has already given to you. Imagine that, receiving all this at a value you decide! The Steward Ship’s Captain is expecting you to board, He can’t wait to see you. The Sail has been adjusted, the invitation is set, and the Destination awaits you.

You say you don’t have TIME to get on the BOAT. You say you don’t have enough TREASURE to share for your ride. You say you don’t have the TALENT to assist with the direction of the BOAT. No worries! The Captain (our Savior Jesus Christ) wants you on the Boat. The Sail (the Holy Spirit) will guide you. The Destination (the Kingdom of Heaven) awaits you.

How are you using your TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT? Is the Boat afloat only when you think you want to take a casual cruise? Do you want the confidence of owning a season pass to ride the BOAT forever? What can you do?

The Steward Ship needs you to provide your TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT.


Volunteer to assist with the various ministries our Cathedral offers. Are you a teacher? Then teach. Do you enjoy meeting and greeting people? Then provide support at coffee hour after Divine Liturgy. Can you cook? Then cook! Do you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle? Then share a small percentage with your Church. Do you have a beautiful voice? Then sing in our Choir!

The BOAT won’t set sail without you! The Steward Ship has a cabin for everyone! You have to decide how you wish to ride. What is the worth of arriving at the Destination? When you are given the option to enter the Destination, will you have secured your ticket?

Every moment we are given the opportunity to share our TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT. Don’t pass on the ability to give! Don’t let the Blessings of the Steward Ship go unused! Help the Steward Ship set sail. Get on, take a seat, and ask what you can do for STEWARDSHIP!

In Christ’s Service,

Fr. Gary

Fr Gary

Steward Ship Card

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