From the Parish Council

November 2015

As we push into the fall season and reflect back to all the adventures we had during the summer months I thought it would be a good time to raise the topic of “giving” within in our small community of Saint Demetrios. So, before anyone raises an eyebrow or stops reading my message let me be clear – I am not speaking of the financial aspect of giving. Rather I want to discuss the topic of our parishioner’s time and talent. I and many of the members of the Parish Council have been members of Saint Demetrios for well over 20 years and have seen the dream of a new sanctuary become a beautiful reality. This could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of so many of our parishioners who worked and sacrificed year-over-year to achieve this lofty goal. Yes, raising the funds was a priority, however maintaining our facility and the programs & ministries offered was also a key element of the success of our community.

So, my message is this – now that we have this beautiful facility, growing youth programs that are busting at the seams, orthodox enrichment programs on a weekly basis and many more activities - we are coming to the point that we need your help to continue these programs and grow Saint Demetrios. We all see the messages that are sent by Father Gary or Kim asking for help for one thing or another and in most cases these requests are answered - but too often they are answered by the same parishioners. Now is the time for many of our new families to carve out time from their busy schedules and offer assistance to the various groups, committees or outreach programs that are the backbone of our community. You will be amply rewarded in the connections you will make with other members & families as you work side by side.

This can be as simple as offering to help with our weekly coffee hour, volunteering to help clean up after Church events or hosting a fund raising event of your own.

For those parishioners who would like to make a more impactful role, please consider becoming a member of our Capital Campaign Committee, taking a role within the Greek Festival Leadership Committee or looking into running for a seat on our Parish Council. These are but a few of the areas that we could use your help with but be assured that there are many more opportunities that I, Father Gary or any member of our Parish Council can help identify for you.

The important thing is to get involved - as the saying goes: “if not us then who if not now then when”

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that our next semiannual General Assembly is set for November 15th and ask that all parishioners make plans to attend and learn more about the goings-on at SD’s and what the plans are for the future !!

In Christs name,

Tom Vegos
Parish Council President