Letter from Tom Vegos, Parish Council President


AS OUR SUMMER DRAWS TO A CLOSE and so many changes are going on within our small parish, I thought it would be a good time for each of us to reflect back on what we all have to be grateful for in our lives. We are lucky to be living in this great country, we are lucky to live in Southern California where we have friends and family and most importantly we are lucky to have the love of our church family that has had such a major impact on all our lives.

Our future is bright! We are now in our new sanctuary and Father Gary has already performed a few wed-dings and baptisms. Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of so many of our parishioners – young and old, living and those whose memories will be eternal. All played a role in the growth & development of St. Demetrios. We have been patient and now our patience has paid off!! Our new church is a thing of beauty that we can all be proud of and thankful for God’s blessings in achieving this goal.

We have been fortunate to call the “library” our temporary home for more than a year but now it is time to say Good Bye and look forward to our move. As with any change, there will be periods of adjustment as we settle in. It will take a little time to work out all the little “bugs” that will inevitably pop up as we become comfortable in the new property. Once again I ask for your patience and respect in taking care of “our” new home.

Our grand opening celebrations in May was the “Cherry on Top”. It brought our entire community together and has now become a bright star in the Camarillo landscape - one that will only get brighter as time moves on.

In closing, I wish to add a personal note on what I was lucky enough to have in my life. Aside from being fortunate enough to have a loving family & friends I was extremely lucky to know and become friends with Chris Mallakis. Chris was not only a friend but someone I was able to look up to and respect. He taught me so much about living life in a reverent manner and how important the church is in our everyday lives. I know that he joins us in spirit as we move to the new church. I will miss him deeply and may his memory be eternal.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Tom Vegos, Parish Council President