OUR NEW HOME- Fr. Gary’s message


“This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our

eyes.” Psalm 118: 23-24

After years of praying, and hoping, meetings, bake sales, discussions, capital campaigns, meetings, Greek Festivals, more meetings, and several fundraisers it is time for us to enter into the splendor of our new home. The time has come for us to take up residency in the St Demetrios Agape Chapel. As we move in and get comfortable I think it would be wise for us to share and review the necessary responsibilities of inheriting this blessing.

This is an inheritance in the greatest sense of that word! We are stewards of what God has entrusted to us. Every detail of our new chapel is to remind us of the beauty of the Kingdom of God. It is a physical manifestation of our love for God, and then, ultimately for one another. We must treat the St Demetrios Agape Chapel, the rooms, restrooms, reception area, offices and chapel with the utmost reverence and respect. Following are recommendations that we are to adopt, follow and practice on a regular basis.

In regards to Divine services (all services whether Sunday mornings or weekday mornings, evenings, or sacraments of any kind):

* Please dress appropriately as if you were to encounter a dignitary. This is where get the saying, “wear your Sunday best.” A three piece suit or an elaborate dress is not what I am referring to but a presentable ensemble is always wise. 

Please light a candle and make an offering as you enter. The entrance area where we find the candle sandbox is called the Narthex. The point of the Narthex is for us to prepare our mind and soul for entrance into God’s Church. We light a candle to represent the light of Christ coming into our lives. This should help you prepare for prayer.

* Please do not enter through the center, glass doors. When entering the Nave (the area where the pews are found) please use the wooden doors on either side. This causes less distraction and limit interruptions. You may want to get in the habit of sliding all the way towards the center so that those coming after you won’t have to climb over you.

* Whenever the Priest is facing the people or outside of the altar, either with the censer, giving the blessing, reading the Gospel or giving the sermon everyone should stay still.

* Please remember that the Parish Council members and the ushering staff are required to keep order during services, and all should follow their instructions at all times

* Keep from participating in unnecessary conversations.

Glass Doors (and the walls):

* Don’t leave your prints everywhere. By touching the glass (or walls) with your bare hand you will leave a print, and that guy, “Someone Else,” will have to clean that glass. Use the handles or railings.


* Please consider the next person that will occupy the bathroom after you have finished. Please leave it the way you wish to find it. You know what that means.

* If supplies are low or you encounter an issue, please tell a member of the Parish Council.

The Elevator:

* Only use it if you really must. I think everyone should have the opportunity to ride the elevator once, but then after that, “Young legs use the stairs.”

* Consider the wear and tear on our elevator, remembering that if it doesn’t function then someone that really needs it will not be able to go upstairs read more..