The Need for Participation

The year 2014 is nearly over and we have accomplished so much. Of course the biggest achievement for our community is the reality that we will soon have a new sanctuary where we can settle in and continue expanding our church and growing our church family in Ventura County. All our progress would not be possible without the involvement and participation of our parishioners: young & old, male & female, Greek & non-Greek. We work, love and care with a common goal of love for Christ and our community. For many of us who have been part of St. Demetrios for over 20 years, the Agape Building is a dream come true. With so much more to do, we need more parishioners to become involved. We need leaders to actively seek help and mentor people, and we need parishioners who may not have taken an active role up to this point to find more ways to be involved. The leaders among us may not always feel comfortable asking for help and ceding control to new people, but the reality is that this is the only way our community will grow. We have to be involved and work together. That being said, I ask our parishioners to get even more involved in the weekly operations of our parish. If you haven’t found your “spot”, ask Father Gary, any parish council member, PDI or Capital Campaign member about what might need to be done and offer your help. Over the last few weeks, we have been asking our parishioners to pay their stewardship or bring themselves current on their pledges. We don’t love to bring up finances, but we need your support in order for the church to maintain financial balance and stay within budget. The Parish Council has done an admirable job of keeping expenses down; now we need everyone to honor their pledge commitments through the end of the year to keep the budget on track. Equally important is the involvement of our parishioners with each other and the community as a whole. Reach out to those who may need help and comfort. Those who are in need – don’t be afraid to ask your fellow parishioners for help.

Yours in Christ’s Service

Tom Vegos

Parish Council President