Greek Dance Lessons

If you've come to our Festival, you may have seen the Parea (Greek for friends), our adult dance group. The group gets together at the church on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm to practice. All are welcome. If you always wanted to try Greek dance, or you're just looking to experience something new, please join us. No reservations are necessary, and there's no charge. Call Martha Poulos at 805-558-2633 more information about Parea.

Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

Sanctify Sundays

We need to sanctify Sunday mornings. We have allowed other entities to sneak in and snatch the sacredness of Sunday mornings from us. When Divine Liturgy is not the priority on Sunday morning, and we allow sporting events, science projects, and undone chores from earlier in the week keep us from worshipping, we are sending the wrong message to our youth.

The Church community and the weekly practice of liturgy is to strengthen and encourage us to face the challenges that lay ahead. It would be great if no one endured pain or suffering in life. If only we could wrap ourselves in bubble wrap to never scrap a knee, twist an ankle, or suffer other tragedies. Truth be told, none of us sit and wait for the storm to hit, it just comes. How prepared will we be?

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