Rev. Fr. Gary Kyriacou

2020 St. Demetrios Parish Council

Mandee Sanderson - President

Bob Lewis - Vice President

Helen Kamenos - Secretary

Linda Peters - Treasurer

Joe Freeth

Dr Bob Gonzalez

Deb Greanias

Michael Metropoulos

Lynn Mikelatos

Chris Pulos Jr

Anya Zmed

St. Demetrios Philoptochos Irini Chapter Board Members

Susan Valle - President

Deb Greanias - Recording Secretary

Trish Pulos - Corresponding Secretary

Nathalie Habbash - Treasurer

Pam Gonzalez - Honorary Past President

Jody Brown - Member

Lisa Hartley - Member

Betty Sefer - Member

Agape Building Campaign Committee

Chair Persons

Joe & Mary Freeth

Office Staff

Alicia Olsen - Administrative

Message from Fr Gary

Fr Gary

Happy New Year

The holiday season is a time of new beginnings. Each Advent we prepare our hearts for the arrival of the Christ Child and joyfully celebrate his birth at the Feast of the Nativity. Like the angels and the wise men we recognize the symbolic light of a new star appearing in our universe and shining on in our hearts. As Christians, we hope the glow of that new light illuminates the entire New Year, brining the peace of God into our lives.

As 2021 dawns and we take stock of the mess that has passed us by, that is 2020, it is customary to set goals for ourselves. Maybe this will be the year we lose weight, become more punctual, read more (scripture), or watch less television. Some of our goals are small and practical; while others seek to...

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